Formes is the creative practice of Clemency Jones. 

Focused on materiality and sustainability, with a love of the handmade and an intrinsically inquisitive nature, Formes is a space for exploration.


Fascinated by craft histories and the notion that we can engage with these through our own making, my practice is ever-evolving and thrives off experimentation.

I am drawn to the endless possibilities of print, and the various processes within this media - from the immediacy of a monoprint to the patience in preparation of a screenprint.

The confluence of function and beauty that textiles embody brings me back to this medium time and time again. Whether it is pattern design or exploring the journey from yarn to fabric - from individual strand to collective whole - engaging with textiles brings me joy and astonishment at the ancient technologies that we still use today, which speak of historical cultures centred around the production and use of textiles. 

I seek to engage with traditions of material culture through my own practice of making and learning. 

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A range of products to be worn, used, or framed.

Since 2017 I have created three collections of unisex t-shirts, using organic cotton and screenprinting hand-drawn designs using solvent-free inks. Each t-shirt design is inspired by a different artist or creative pursuit. These products encapsulate my desire to create everyday garments with an artistic sensibility. 

As my practice progresses more items will be added to the shop, fluctuating between printed editions and one-offs.

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Clemency has a BA in History of Art with Museum Studies from the University of Leeds. She undertook an Erasmus year at the University of Copenhagen, where she studied at the Centre for Textile Research. In 2019 Clemency was awarded the Kay Sekimachi Scholarship to attend a Fibers workshop at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine, USA.

Clemency lives and works on an island in the River Thames.